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Character Meme - Dawson by megngarnett Character Meme - Dawson by megngarnett
Origional Meme: [link] I spiced it up. :P

This took about two days... And oddly enough I had fun doing it. (: I love memes and I have a whole collection of them...I just never finished one before now. So I'm proud. xD

1) I thought it would be easier to use a font for his handwriting so that's what that is... It's actually called 'My Mom's Font' XD

2) That's him... you can't read it but his shirt has a dinosaur on it. It says 'All My Friends Are Dead'. It's a book, y'know. :B All the words around it just...sort of explain him. I did that last-minute so...yeah.

3) Those are totally super powers. I actually do think that the second picture (talking) looks like Justin Bieber a bit. Idk. *shot* The texting picture looks different because I used a magazine thing for the refrence thign. And sleeping is also my super power...I use it rarely.

4) Dawson is a good guy. He helps little old ladies across streets and saves cats and stuff like that all the time... Tall. Y'know. I just got terribly lazy. My bad.

5) That's his parents... his mom pretends to be Christian but really just likes the socialization and stuff. She drinks a lot and she's kind of a slut. Weird. Her name's Elizabeth, btw. The dad is Nelson. (lolname). He's older and he has a Toupée. XD Dawson also has a sister (Emma) and two friends who I haven't made yet. I don't know what any of them look like.

6) That's me chillin. If he showed up he'd probably give me crap for being inside on a nice day... I'm a nerd. What can I say? :P Plus... he looks orange here but whatevs. *allen voice*

7) Alright so that's my school. And my friends. (: The hallway is usually busier though. I just din't wanna draw more people. ^_^ If you're wondering, the thing on the floor is our mascot which is a bug. -_-. We're not aloud to step on it and i you do you get yelled at. (lol). You're also not allowed to wear hats inside but Dawson doesn't count. He's just cool. That's also basically what my school looks and white and very prison like. Cameras in every corner. Fun fun. To our left, we see the boys bathroom door and to our right, a bulliton board which always has some sort of interesting message on it. I wrote 'Chuck Norris Club' on that but I had to crp soe of this so it would fit. // Dawson is wearing yellow shoes because they're awesome and you can bingo them.

--> The people are me and my friends and our reactiosn would pretty much just be slobbering with love. Left to right, Nicole (~nikkidoodlejr), Dianna (~diannag14), ME!, and Jessica. (Jessisauriousjr on twitter)

I made Dianna saying 'I Wanna have his babies!' Cos' she always says that. xD

8) Nuff said'.

9) Eh... he got me to go swimming. Who could say no? Plus you can see hsi tattoo. :) It says 'Dream for me, anything' which is a quote from Goodnight Moon by Go Radio. I love that song.

The end.
nikkidoodlejr Featured By Owner May 31, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
i love thissss <33333 im in this! :O lol
flaminghunter Featured By Owner May 28, 2011
me 2!!!.... if i were a girl. *sigh* if only...!!! i mean uhhhhhhhh..........
diannag14 Featured By Owner May 27, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
OMFG YOU NAILED MEEE!!! and i would have his babies!!!!
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